4x Pay Out and a Lucky Seat: The Strange Case for Reward Board 

4x Pay Out and a Lucky Seat: The Strange Case for Reward Board 

HYIPs. You know them as well as I do, High yielding investment Platforms. Some come and stick around for a year, others come and go in a matter of days. Chain Group and bitconnect to name the most recent.  Even exchanges collapse, like Mt. Gox. Other exchanges also become vulnerable, for example, the recent hack on Coincheck.

What system can you trust? Who can you trust? Honestly, if your going to invest in crypto, consider the money you put in lost already. Invest only what your willing to lose. Crypto is a gamble. Would you agree to that with me? Crypto is a gamble. Even HODLing is not safe because the market could plummet. Look at the current market, A sea of red. Crypto Coins hold a volatile value. You gamble by HODLing them hoping they will go up in value.

So this brings me to the new site which I am promoting and am a co-founder of, the Reward Board. The Reward Board was developed by Cesar and backed by a rock solid community. The community and César have since parted ways however the Reward Board remains intact. The site has nothing to hide and has a real team behind it.

What will happen to the future of Reward Board? Its not going anywhere and there are many plans in place for its future. We are adding new coin boards each month. Love it or hate it, Reward Board is here to stay. And we plan on being around for a long time. Which is why we created a system that can sustain itself.

So what is the Reward Board? It is a near perfect system and it is legit. Agree to disagree with me but let me tell you why. It makes no promises. Its not considered an investment. Its more like a little Game Center that is created to award all its players.

The case, Luck vs. Logic. Which one are you?

The logical person wants a steady passive income return. The gambler seeks a quick win. The logic person wants a system with legitimacy, the gambler wants to get in and get out.

The Reward Board is a fusion of both. A bit of luck and a load of logic. But the logic part, that takes a bit of work.

So let me be straight up about what your buying. The product that Reward Board offers to its consumers is a seat. Yup, a virtual seat. That’s all it is.  A virtual seat. But not an ordinary seat. This seat has the potential of paying you out 4x what you put in. 6 seats bought, 1 person comes out a winner always thats a guarantee. Its a head to head battle between the new entree and the last person on the board ready to exit. Either the newcomer wins a Lucky Seat or the last person on the board pops out of the Queue. Who will win, who will win later, no one loses. NO ONE loses. Someone will always win. 6 go in, 1 comes out a winner.

Now what makes this so legit, what makes this system unlike other HYIPs? The site is based on MLM principals. But you don’t need to push referrals, you can just sell our product, the virtual seat.  But use your referral link to earn 10%. Simple. The purchased seat has value. Its worth more than what you put in. Now don’t you want to get that 4x pay out?  Promote the Seats. Sell the seats. And you can earn more and get your 4x payout.

You buy a Starbucks coffee you drink it it’s gone.

You buy a nice expensive dinner, you eat it’s gone.

You buy a seat at Reward Board, you get a Lucky Seat, you win 4x Pay Out instantly. And it’s not gone. You still have an opportunity of coming out on top through the Queue to get a 4x payout.

6 people in and 1 winner always comes out. That is a sure thing. There will always be a winner. Everyone can be a winner at the Reward Board. Its either a Lucky Seat winner from the sign-up or a person on the last spot on the board. There is always a winner coming out at either the beginning or the end.

You are gambling against the queue. But the queue is not as bad as it may seem. It will move. As long as people are buying seats. Promote those seats.

Starbucks will continue to sell coffee and your favorite restaurant will exist as long as it has paying patrons. It’s a business and that is how it works.

And Reward Board will always pay out a winner.  Either from the the sign up or from the last spot on the board. And I will give away .01 BTC to a random person when the queue moves 1000 spots.

So what are you waiting for? You have so much to gain now with what I have shared with you.

  1. Buy a Seat with a possible Instant Win Lucky Seat 4x Pay Out
  2. Wait in the queue till your pushed out 4x Pay Out
  3. Earn with your referrals. 10% for each referee who buys a seat.
  4. WIN BIG .01 BTC when the Queue Moves 1000 spots I will personally pick a random winner. To Be a part of the Reward Board Bonus give away. connect with our Telegram Community here for more details. 

Would you like to make 4x what you put in? Would you like to make some BTC? Do you want a shot at getting .01 BTC? If you answered yes than get your seat today. It only costs you .0002 BTC. That is not a Typo. .0002 BTC to get your started.

“We are Reward Board, Join us.”


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